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Up on the Woof Top

Dog and mystery lovers will cheer this holiday. Ace private eyes Chet and Bernie are back in Up on the Woof Top, the new novel by Spencer Quinn. When a renowned author of Christmas mysteries on deadline loses her beloved reindeer and muse, Rudy, it’s up to Chet and his beloved human to deliver.


No sooner does the duo begin their search for Rudy than the author’s assistant falls into a deep mountain gorge called Devil’s Purse—the same spot where the author’s love was murdered decades earlier. Chet and Bernie start looking into that long-ago unsolved crime to unravel the mysteries surrounding the author and quickly learn that someone’s determined to ensure the story stays buried. Can our heroes find the answers before they, too, end up in the clasp of Devil’s Purse?


Up on the Woof Top is the 14th novel in the popular canine mystery series by No.1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Spencer Quinn. There’s no narrator more reliable than a dog, and Chet is the leader of the pack!


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