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The Housemaid

Millie’s on parole, living in her car and on the edge. The call from Nina Winchester is a lifeline, her last hope for a second chance.

And what a chance it promises to be. As a live-in housemaid for the wealthy Winchester family, she’ll work and live in a beautiful home in a coveted, posh Long Island neighborhood. The fresh start means Millie can be whomever she chooses.

Nina Winchester is a lucky woman. In addition to a beautiful home with a walk-in closet full of designer clothes, a cute daughter, and a fancy car, she’s got a perfect husband, kind and thoughtful. It’s a life Millie would choose—if she had the chance.

With one misstep, Millie realizes that the Winchesters’ secrets are far more dangerous than her own.

Millie’s sympathetic to the couple’s painful struggle to have another child, Nina’s overeating and weight gain, and snide comments from the woman’s backstabbing friends. However, her sympathy morphs into confusion as she settles into the Winchester home of excess and privilege. Nina, who makes messes to watch her clean up, swings between praise and ridicule. The daughter proves to be a liar and brat. However, Nina’s husband remains the paragon of love, patience, and understanding of his wife’s struggles.

With one misstep, Millie realizes that the Winchesters’ secrets are far more dangerous than her own—and that her tiny attic bedroom only locks from the outside. Fortunately, the family has no idea who she really is or what she’s capable of.

With The Housemaid, Author Freida McFadden has delivered a masterfully written, disturbing psychological thriller with dark paths waiting around every turn. When you think you’ve got it figured out, you won’t see what’s coming. The Housemaid is nominated for Best Paperback Original Novel by International Thriller Writers Association.

McFadden, a No. 1 Amazon bestselling author, is a practicing physician specializing in brain injury and has written multiple psychological thrillers and medical humor novels.

You can learn more about Freida McFadden and her novels at Follow her on social media at and


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