Tell Me No Lies

As soon as I finished Ask Me No Questions by New York Times bestselling author Shelley Noble, I was left begging for more of her sassy heroine. Happily, Noble has delivered with the delightful follow up, Tell Me No Lies.

Lady Phil–that’s Lady Dunbridge, Philomena Amesbury, The Dowager Countess of Dunbridge–is back, still attempting to take New York City’s social world by storm. But when a young financier, Perry Faulks, is found dead, Lady Phil’s plan is interrupted again murder.

Now ensconced in the elegant Plaza Hotel by her mysterious and charming unknown benefactor, she’s dubbed Mr. X, Lady Phil is called upon to use her special social skills honed on the mean streets of England’s fashionable high society.

It’s the Gilded Age of Manhattan, and Faulks’ death is more than a social disaster for the host and hostess, it could irreparably damage their daughter’s place in society, and thus her marriage prospects. The fact that Lady Phil attended the ball, and had even danced and chatted with the victim, gives her an advantage over the police. When called upon to help save the family’s reputation, Lady Phil can hardly resist–especially with a head start.

But even more dangerous than the reckless gossips who could derail a respectable young lady’s future, is the financial future of the country. Perry Faulks wasn’t just any financier; he was one whose decisions and family ties could affect Wall Street, with the potential to send another crisis through the financial markets.

Lady Phil must again match wits with John Atkins, the handsome detective sergeant who wants nothing to do with her meddling. But with powerful influences within the police department–as well as the government–threatening to remove him from the case, Atkins understands that justice may fall to Lady Phil’s keen skills of observations and her courage.

Accompanied by her loyal butler, Preswick, who possesses a taste for detective novels, and Lily, the lady’s maid whose past is a complete mystery, Lady Phil is on the case.

Shelley Noble has given us a not only a good mystery to solve, but a cast of characters to root for and those to suspect–exactly what every good mystery needs. That and a body or two.

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