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Summer Staycation Reads

Great stories from Catriona McPherson, Charles Finch, Jess Montgomery and Anne Perry

Although we’re all trying to stay at home as much as possible, that doesn’t mean we can’t travel. Books are our secret weapon against boredom–our great portkey to another place, time, and circle of acquaintances. Here are four books, which I’ve read recently and greatly enjoyed. I hope you do as well.

Strangers at the Gate by Catriona McPherson

A young lawyer, Paddy Lamb, and his deacon wife, Finnie Doyle, can’t believe their luck, as they leave city life behind for exciting new opportunities in a small town. Soon, their good luck seems anything but good or lucky. Within days of moving into their quaint gatehouse, Finnie begins to have doubts. Is someone watching her? When Paddy and Finnie discover the brutally murdered body of his new employers, they discover no one is whom they seem, and dangerous secrets, long hidden, are exhumed. Strangers at the Gate is a novel of fascinating characters and has more twists and turns than a Rollercoaster. For more from Catriona McPherson visit:

The Last Passenger by Charles Finch

Private detective Charles Lenox is summoned to assist Scotland Yard on what’s sure to be an unsolvable case. Not only does the eager, young detective have no identification on the victim, the killer has removed all labels from the dead man’s clothes. As he works to identify the victim and expose a brazen, vicious killer, the brilliant gentleman detective must also tackle police resentment, family disapproval, and society’s insistence he find a wife, this is 1855 London, after all. But can he continue to deny who truly owns his heart while examining the evil he finds in others? With his valet, butler, and mostly-associate, Graham, by his side, the two work to unmask a killer with deadly ties to America. The Last Passenger is the 13th Charles Lennox novel, and I highly recommend going back to Book 1 and really getting to know London’s charming private detective. The Last Passenger is delightful writing and a darn good mystery. For more from Charles Finch visit:

The Hollows by Jess Montgomery

In Ohio, 1926, an elderly woman is killed while walking along the tracks through the Appalachian hills. Who was she, and who–or what–was the ghostly female figure dressed in white seen by the brakeman? Newly-elected Sheriff Lily Ross, joined by friends Marvena Whitcomb and Hildy Cooper, must solve the mystery that takes the women on a journey of discovery–about the law, social justice, and each other. The gritty characters of resolve and empathy make Jess Montgomery’s The Hollows impossible to put down. For more about Jess Montgomery visit:

One Fatal Flaw by Anne Perry

Lawyer Daniel Pitt’s inexperience in reading those seeking his help embroils himself and his colleagues in a case that could be the undoing of countless criminal trial verdicts and send England’s court system into chaos–creating dangerous enemies. But Daniel knows that he must be cleverer than the powerful men who would destroy all he holds dear. When threats are made and a yet another dangerous fire set. Daniel must make one of the most difficult choices of his life. Just as readers fell in love with Daniel’s parents, Thomas and Charlotte Pitt, One Fatal Flaw ensures we’re not leaving the family! For more about Anne Perry visit:

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