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Riptide Galveston

Celebrating My Love Affair With Galveston Island. . .

Waterman's Restaurant - Dinner, Cocktails And A Killer View

Waterman's Restaurant on Stewart's Road is a must-visit for us (usually twice) while we're in Galveston. The food is delicious, and the signature cocktails are tasty and imaginative. In addition to available patio seating, there's also a fun outside super casual bar.

It's the base for a medium-sized marina, where pleasure fishing boats rock gently outside the dining room window. Speaking of the view, it's not to be missed at sunset. As fisherman troll into their slips, the sun turns sky and the water golden.

PHOTO Duke Morse

I first found Waterman's when I was searching for information about The Stewart's Mansion next door. At the time the mansion was in a terrible state. The caretaker, as it happened, worked at Waterman's. After listening to why I wanted to tour the rambling, dilapidated mansion - and assuring himself I was neither a treasure hunter or a ghost hunter - he and gave me permission to go on the property to photograph it...with a strong caution to watch for snakes and bees.

That I could sit in Waterman's, sip a cold cocktail, and stare at The Stewart's Mansion and plot and make notes, made the place perfect for me!


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