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Pistachio Almond Ice Cream Pie

One of our family’s favorite summer desserts is ice cream pie. With pre-made crusts, recipes for this frozen treat can’t be simpler or have a greater variety.

A pie is only as good as its foundation, so let’s start with the crust. Basic graham cracker crusts are simple to make and about failproof. However, in addition to the popular basic crust, grocery stores carry good pre-made ones of ground chocolate cookies. The crust provides a crunchy cookie texture to the pie.

For fillings, the choices are limited only by your imagination and the ice cream flavors at your grocers. Like cones, you can have more than one scoop—or layers. Adding nuts, miniature marshmallows, fruit, or sprinkles adds texture, color, and flavor.

To assemble the pie, lightly soften the ice cream, scoop, and spread it into the crust. If you’re using more than one ice cream layer, depending on how soft the ice cream is, you may want to place the pie in the freezer to set it before adding the next layer.

For my Pistachio Almond pie, I use three layers. The first layer is vanilla ice cream and a sprinkling of slivered almonds. Next, I add a thicker layer of pistachio-almond ice cream. The final layer is whipped cream and more slivered almonds, dusted with shaved chocolate.

Have fun experimenting with your favorite flavors. Store leftover ice cream pie covered.


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