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It's One of Us

I've just finished JT Ellison's "It's One of Us," — and it's terrific.

When Olivia Bender and her husband, Park, are notified that his son's DNA has been found at a murder scene, they're confused but know it's a mistake. Despite years of trying and rounds of painful and expensive IVF treatments, they don't have children.

In the midst of this news, Olivia learns that years ago, her husband donated sperm to a clinic. He has no idea how many times it was sold—or how many children he may have fathered. And now it seems one of them is a murderer. When another woman disappears, and Olivia and Park discover they're being stalked, they fear his son could be the culprit. Olivia, feeling betrayed and angry she's married to a man who may have sired a murderer, questions the far reaches of her own long-kept secrets.

"It's One of Us" is an excellent thriller that encompasses a realistic yet sensitive look at the struggles of conception and the pain of miscarriage and longing.


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