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Her Final Confession

By Lisa Regan

Detective Josie Quinn is still coping with personal trauma while working to build a relationship with the twin sister she never knew she had when a devastating murder case deals her another blow.

Quinn is the first on the scene where the body of a young student lies on the driveway of a local home with a photograph pinned to his collar. She realizes that the house belongs to Gretchen Palmer, a dedicated member of Josie’s team and a confidante. Gretchen is summoned but doesn’t respond. Josie and her partner, Noah Fraley, must find Gretchen, who may also be a victim. The home is not only unlocked but open; inside, detectives find cash and brochures for security services.

After 24 hours of searching, Gretchen arrives at the police station and confesses to the young man’s murder. Josie knows that Gretchen’s lying—but why would she confess to a murder she didn’t commit?

"Her Final Confession is a fast-paced thriller with a creepiness that stops you from reading to listen for the boogie man."

Josie and Noah work to identify the young man, seeking a connection to Gretchen, only to discover his roommate is also missing. Josie digs into her friend’s secretive life and is shocked by what she finds. Josie uncovers a link between the boy and a devasting case in Gretchen’s past that explains much that the detective didn’t understand about her friend.

Across town, police discover the bodies of a young couple. Evidence that Gretchen’s been in the couple’s home tells another story from the one Josie’s been working on: the killer isn’t finished. She and Noah must complete the puzzle in time to save Gretchen from a life in prison or certain death.

Her Final Confession is a fast-paced thriller with a creepiness that stops you from reading to listen for the boogie man. Sometimes DNA more aptly stands for Do Not Approach.

Lisa Regan is the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Detective Josie Quinn series and several other crime fiction titles. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, International Thriller Writers, and Mystery Writers of America. She has a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s in education from Bloomsburg University.

Find out more about Lisa Regan at, on Instagram @lisareganauthor on Twitter at @lisalregan and on Facebook at Lisa Regan Writer


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