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Golden Grilled Cheese

It's 107 degrees here again, so we're staying inside, finishing up a few small projects and selecting some movies to watch. We decided on grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. This is one of my favorite sandwiches to make because the options are endless. I used 12-grain bread, mild white American cheese, a nice smoked gouda, and peppered turkey breast here. There are a couple of lessons I've learned through the years about making this classic. Rather than smear butter on the bread, melt some in a small bowl and apply it lightly with a pastry brush. This enables a nice, even, pretty toasting. If you want to add a protein or a vegetable like sliced tomato, warm it before adding it to the cheese to ensure even heat. Serve, of course, with tomato soup. #carolyntillerydallas #riptidedallas #mytudorcottagedallas #inmydallaskitchen #tillerymanor #blueandwhite #blueandwhitedecor #blueandwhitecottagedecor #cottageliving #cozyhome


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