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Well-Dressed Husbands

Let’s be honest. There is nothing sexier than a husband who has just mowed the lawn.

Or cleaned out the garage.

Or rearranged the furniture for you.

Or washed your car.

Dallas is a mecca of not only women’s but men’s fashion. We have many handsome, fashionable men. There’s much for a lady to smile about with such fantastic retailers and fashion shows with male eye candy returning after COVID 19 hibernation. But what really constitutes a well-dressed husband?

One would be hard-pressed to find a woman who doesn’t feel that a man is most dashing in a tuxedo. Maybe we all secretly dream of being Bond girls; I’m not sure. Honestly, think about Daniel Craig wearing a tux and holding a martini glass—simply breathtaking. A lady could quite literally forget herself.

Humor must be one of the strongest threads that sew the whole fabric of attraction and marriage.

Fashion dos and don’ts bombard women. But what of men? A man should never—and I mean never—wear a sleeveless T-shirt. I’m not sure who came up with that thing, but it needs to go away. Permanently. On the beach, I think a man going shirtless would be preferable. There’s something revolting about these excuses for shirts.

Men are not restricted as women are when it comes to age-related fashion. The beauty and fashion industries try to dictate what age we should cut our hair or when our hemlines must come down and the dreaded no-sleeveless after a “certain” age rule, but men’s fashion doesn’t come with such caveats. Khakis and polos look good on a man of any age, as does a great black or grey suit. Whether age 18 or 80, jeans and a T-shirt, are good. Where we women can look ridiculous if we wear something designed for a younger woman, men don’t suffer from this affliction.

Humor must be one of the strongest threads that sew the whole fabric of attraction and marriage. The more mature a lady becomes, the more her opinion of what constitutes a sexy man changes, and I’m sure this is a good thing. Consider the pains and passion your husband takes to be king of his grill. Then, if they’re like my husband, there’s the recounting of the ever-embellished fishing tales. There’s plenty to smile about there.

Any woman who complains that her husband is dirty or tired after having worked outside all day in the yard (as mine often does) or just finished a long honey-do list is, in my opinion, a bit unbalanced. His jeans covered with soil from my garden can be as alluring as crisp pleats and sportscoats.

I always think my husband is quite dashing in his jeans while napping in front of the TV ballgame, reading glasses on the end of his nose, and Sunday paper crumpled in his lap—after changing the oil in my car and have given the dogs and himself a bath.

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