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Chuck Roast Leftovers Ruben Sandwich

One of the things I love about making chuck roast for Sunday dinner is having leftovers. This week I transformed the leftover roast into modified Rubens, one of our favorite sandwiches.

I love recipes that give me options to be creative or simply use supplies I have on hand. My modified Rubens are also terrific when made with sliced grilled chicken. I recommend sourdough bread; these sandwiches require a more-dense foundation. Rather than butter, I spray the bread lightly with olive oil. I grill the sides of bread that will be in the middle of the sandwich first, so the bread doesn't get soggy when the sandwich is put together on the grill.

In addition to your protein choice, you can select whichever cheeses you like. Regardless of beef or chicken, I still go with Thousand Island Dressing and pre-heated, drained sour kraut.

The chuck roast leftovers Ruben sandwiches are hearty and filling, so I suggest going light on the sides. Sliced vegetables, particularly avocado, are perfect. Enjoy!


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